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Who Are Some Of The Richest Women in the World?

The common people are always curious about the lives of the rich and the famous. It is indeed interesting to know about which cars they own, how big their houses are, and what their bank balances look like. In this age, men still dominate the greater portion of the world’s richest, yet women are not too far behind.  There are several women who have amassed great fortunes in their lifetimes – may it be through hard work and perseverance, or simply family inheritance. Like us, do you wonder how they did it? Keep reading and find out!

Alice Walton – $46.7 billion net worth

Alice Walton of the famous Walton family tops the list for the fairer sex with a net worth of $46.7 billion which makes her the 18th richest person in the world right now. Though she was Sam Walton’s daughter, she had a spectacular career of her own apart from owning about $11 billion in Walmart shares. She had her own company called Llama Company and she took up various kinds of projects. From building Arkansas Regional Airport to running a ranch and reviving an Art Museum, she has done it all! With the money she has, she purchased a plethora of art worth $500 million and had a museum built to house it.

Jacqueline Mars – $28 billion net worth

Next in the list is the heiress to the candy company Mars, Inc., Jacqueline Mars whose net worth has reached a whopping $28.1 billion as of January 2018, making her the 22nd richest person in the world. The company that has satisfied the sweet tooth of both kids and adults for decades with M&Ms, Mars bars, Snickers, and Orbit chewing gum has made a fortune. At seventy-eight, Jacqueline calls home a farm in The Plains, Virginia. Interestingly, it is here that Forrest Mars Sr. bought a 740-acre land and built a farm as a vacation home – though the farm called Marland has already been sold off.

Maria Franca Fissolo – $25.2 billion net worth

Seems like the chocolate industry is a great place to make billions. Next in our list is another woman who has earned billions from the chocolate industry. Maria Franca Fissolo is the wife of the late Michele Ferraro, owner of the famous Ferrero Rocher, as well as, Nutella, Kinder Chocolates, and more. Despite being one of the richest women, she has been through a great emotional turmoil with her husband’s and son’s deaths. Currently, she lives in Monaco and her other son, Giovannni is the current CEO of Ferrero SpA.

Susanne Klatten – $25.1 billion net worth

The 38th richest person in the world and, at the same time, the richest woman in Germany happens to be Susanne Klatten. She  inherited much of her wealth after her parents died when she got 50.1% of her father’s stake in Altana, a pharmaceutical and chemical company. With the inherited money, she has invested and bough stakes in several companies like the BMW car company to which she owns 50%. At present, she is the sole owner of Altana. Seems like Susanne owes her success because of her cleverness and wise decision-making as a businesswomen!

Laurene Powell Jobs – $19.7 billion net worth

That last name gives away the identity of our next billionaire. Laurene was the wife of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. While studying in Stanford for her MBA degree, Laurene met Steve and sat beside him when he was in Stanford for a lecture in 1989. She had a conversation with Steve; one thing led to another and they ended up having dinner that night. They got married in Yosemite National Park and a Buddhist monk presided over their marriage ceremony. Powell herself co-founded a company called Terravera. When Steve Jobs died in 2011, Powell became the richest women in the technology industry. Jobs owned about 7% stake in The Walt Disney Company which itself is worth more than $11 billion. Powell is involved with several humanitarian causes especially concerning education and is all set to become a stake owner of NBA team Washington Wizards.

In this ever-changing world, women’s roles in society have slowly and surely started to improve, giving them vast opportunities that they had been once denied. Because of this, the day that women will dominate the top ten richest people in the world is not far off. Who knows when that will happen but we’re sure it someday will.

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