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How Do You Know If You’re Successful and Satisfied?

How do we exactly define success? Is it being on top of the class? Is it by the position we are in at work? Is it by earning millions a year? Is it about owning a huge company? Is it being the richest person? Is success measured? So many questions, with a very few answers. A lot of people may define success differently, but are they all satisfied? If you’re successful, does that mean you’re satisfied? If you’re rich, does that mean you’re successful?

If you look into the dictionary, success would mean “accomplished goal” or achieving a goal and being satisfied with the outcome. But does it really come with satisfaction in the long run? That is why on this article, we’ll examine how to be successful and at the same time satisfied.

Before we begin, ask yourself first.

Are you Successful? YES? Are you Satisfied? No? Then you may continue reading and find out why.

Are you Successful? YES? Are you Satisfied? YES? Then continue reading, but at the end of the article, ask yourself this question again and if you were wrong about yourself, then be glad you found out about it now so you can do something about it and if you are right then congratulations because not everyone can be in your shoes.

ASK YOURSELF: Do You Have the “Right” Goal?

We all have goals we want to achieve, but the question is, is it the right one for us? There are no right and wrong goals, but it’s important to know for sure that it is what you want to achieve. Or is it something you feel you need to accomplish because of other people?

IMG_5231Now most of you may be wondering now, “how do I know if I have the right goal?” The answer is very simple but very important, and it is happiness. Do you feel happy when you think about achieving that goal of yours? Do you feel excited and at the same time nervous about your goal? Does your goal have something to do with your passion? If you have achieved your goal right this moment, would you feel satisfied? And if you said yes to all of these questions, then you have the right goal for yourself.

There are some people who have goals set for them. Some parents who want their children to be doctors and lawyers, but their children actually want to become painters and teachers. Despite this, children obey their parents’ and once they’re done, they would feel happy for fulfilling their parents wishes, but at the same time they feel empty because it is not something they really wanted to do.

So you should be sure of yourself about what goals you have in life because you are the one making a choice for yourself. And if you happen to make the wrong choice, then there no harm in trying again and take the right path this time around.

Your goal should make you feel motivated, excited, nervous and inspired.

ASK YOURSELF: Am I Doing Anything To Achieve My Goal?

Success is not something you can just buy, it is not some kind of a password that you can hack, or a relationship where you can cheat. There are no shortcuts when it comes to success so if you’re not doing anything to achieve your goal, then there is no way you can instantly be successful.

You have to work for it if you want to achieve your goal in life. We are given a lot of opportunities and chances to be able to get to where we want to be so don’t miss it. If you think that there is no way you’ll be a doctor, a lawyer, or a world renowned actress, then you must not be trying harder.

You may think that being stuck at your stupid job is something that is stopping you from reaching for you goals, then you’re wrong. Because you are the one stopping yourself. You have the control over your life, your job cannot control you, your boss does not control you. What’s life without a little risk? How are going to get where you are if you don’t leave now? How are you going to achieve it if you don’t do anything about it and you don’t believe in yourself that you can really do it?

There is no one else that could help you but yourself, live your life and do what you love. Don’t let a dead-end job make you feel like your life is over. Don’t wait for the day when you’re old and dying, and full of regret for not trying.

ASK YOURSELF: Are You Rich or Successful?

Yes, money is extremely important in this world we live in but if you’re rich does it mean you’re successful as well?

Well, Yes and No.

Yes, because in this world we live in, money really does matter. Having money is like having the power to take control over things and to get whatever you want in life. Almost everything now can be bought with money. So success is definitely connected to being rich. But then again, not every person who have tons of money can be considered as successful. Being rich means having so much money, but being successful has a lot of different meanings. There are still things in life that cannot be bought. And that is satisfaction and happiness and health.IMG_5233

There are a lot of rich people in this world who are not happy with their lives. There’s so many rich people who commit suicide. Even multi-millionaire celebrities and socialites end their lives, despite their wealth and fame. So no, being rich doesn’t mean you’re successful in this context. If you are successful, that means you have reached your goal in life. If you are successful, you feel happy living your life. If you’re successful, you are satisfied with where you have been, where you are now and where you will decide to go. Lifetime satisfaction and happiness is something no amount of money can buy. So if you’re Successful and Satisfied, then all you have to do now is be grateful and live your life to the fullest.

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