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Who Would’ve Thought These People Would Be Millionaires

A lot of people who are now successful in life didn’t start at the top, they really worked hard to get into where they are now. Some of them even took years. But all of them have one thing in common, and that is none of them gave up. Here are some of the most successful people in the world who never gave up on their dreams.

Colonel Sanders of KFC

IMG_5193Before he brought us one of the most famous fast chains, Colonel Harland Sanders was actually a salesman. During the 1920’s, he became the top salesman in Kentucky, but unfortunately, he got fired because of his temper. But not only that, he also got fired from his railroad jobs, but at the age of 65, he closed his first restaurant and got broke.

You may think that it’s over for him since he’s old, but he never stopped. He even used it as a motivation to start again, because after losing his first restaurant, the Colonel traveled across the U.S. just to sell his very own version of the fried chicken. And at the age of 74, he had more than 600 outlets for his fried chicken. And now, his face is in every branch of KFC, all over the world.



This is the man behind the Apple products that we are using today, and almost everyone in this world has one. But how did he actually manage to make it this far?

Almost everyone starts at the bottom and slowly makes it into the top, and on their way, there are tons of hardships. Before he became The Steve Jobs he first attended Reed College in 1972 but unfortunately, he dropped out since Reed was way too pricey and he didn’t really feel like it’s worth wasting his parents’ money on certain classes he never really wanted to take and he felt like he just also wasting his time.

“Basically, Steve Wozniak and I, invented the Apple because we wanted a personal computer. Not only we couldn’t afford the computers that were on the market, those computers were impractical for us to use. We needed a Volkswagen. The Volkswagen, isn’t as fast or as comfortable as other ways of traveling, but the VW owners can go where they want, when they want and with whom they want. The VW owners have personal control of their car.”


Before he became known for his role as Han Solo, Harrison Ford was a struggling actor, he even had to give up his acting career to be a carpenter, because he actually earns money from it and being a not so known actor back then wasn’t really having it for him. He needed a more stable job so he decided to become a carpenter, but that was until a George Lucas, the man behind Star Wars, called for a role of Han Solo for the Star Wars franchise, which became a worldwide phenomenon.


Before becoming a talk show host, Ellen was first a paralegal and an oyster shucker. This is kind of surprising since it doesn’t really have anything to do with the entertainment industry. She went to the University of New Orleans, where she majored communication studies for a semester, but then left to work a with her cousins in a law firm. She also worked as a waitress at T.G.I Friday’s, and as a house painter, a hostess, a bartender and she also worked at J.C. Penney. Who would’ve thought that after all of these jobs, she would eventually end up having a talk show and will be known all over the world?


IMG_5194A businesswoman, writer, and a television personality. These are just three things she’s known as. She’s basically the epitome when it comes to cooking. She is known for her kitchen recipes and makes all of them look so easy. Almost everyone in the United States basically knows her for being the Queen of the kitchen.

But before being where she is right now, did you know she actually started as a model when she was only 15.She appeared in television commercials and magazines. She also modeled for Chanel which funded her college scholarship, earning $50/hour. But it was her mother who actually taught her how to cook. And now she is known for her best-selling cookbooks.

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