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Signs of Being a Certified Shopaholic

Almost everyone loves to shop. But some people shop so much that it’s getting out of hand and they need help. Shopping can be addicting as well, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go to rehab or anything, what you need is just a simple advice, but first you must first identify the signs and symptoms if you are a certified Shopaholic.

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“No decision should be made on an empty shopping bag.” 
― Donita K. Paul


You Try To Hide What You Just Bought

This is one of the most obvious symptoms of being a Shopaholic. Do you lie about where you are going? Do you rip off the tags as soon as you get home or even while on your way home? Or do you just hide these new items at the back of your closet?

This behavior means that you’re aware of your Shopaholic nature. If you said yes to most of the questions, then you need to keep reading, and if you said no, well, you’re probably in denial, and you really need to continue reading.

 Buyer’s Remorse?

Well, we all know what this is. Another sign that you are a Shopaholic is when you realize that you have spent so much money and would feel guilty. That horrible feeling always comes every after you go shopping because you know you shouldn’t be shopping in the first place.

A lot of people would say they feel better when they’re shopping or it relieves stress, or it takes their mind off of things. Well, that is all true, but NOT all the time. This is such a huge sign of being a Shopaholic especially when you use that “stress-relieving” excuse over and over just for you to have a reason to go shopping. Even if all you’re stressing about is how cute your coworker is.

You have A LOT of credit cards

Let’s face it; it is not necessary to have multiple credit cards. One or two is enough for emergencies like if you need to buy a new phone once yours broke or a new tv when your old one died on you. There is literally no reason for you to have a lot of credit cards, especially if you have everything that you need such as a decent amount of clothing, have food to eat and a place to live. Unless you’re a Shopaholic. You have multiple credit cards, and some of them have already reached their limit. You also make your wants into needs just for you to get that expensive shirt that does not even look good on you.

You Got NO Savings

Another obvious sign that you are a Shopaholic is when you can’t save money. Whenever you try, you always seem to fail, and whenever you do, you always end up getting that money just to buy something that you want. Some Shopaholics just cannot stand having money in their wallets that they want to spend it all.

Just because you have spare money doesn’t mean you have to buy something. If you really want to save, then let it get the best of you instead of focusing on buying everything that you want—which is probably unnecessary. Saving is a choice, but if you just couldn’t help spending it, then you really wouldn’t be able to save.

Impulse Buying

This is one of the symptoms of being a Shopaholic. Buying so much stuff that you don’t need and wouldn’t even use is something a Shopaholic does. If you are still in denial about it even if you know very well you do this, then you really need to get help in the Shopaholic department. The stores calling your name is not an excuse, feeling sorry for the sales lady is not an excuse.

Every excuse that you have just digs you into a deeper hole. It is like buying a perfume even if you hate how its scent. Likewise, it is like buying a new couch even if it doesn’t even fit your apartment; it’s like buying new clothes even if it doesn’t fit your closet anymore.

Another thing is when you buy things, and then after a while, you will see that certain item, and you can’t even remember why you got it or where you got it. If shopping almost every time you are free and buying unnecessary stuff is like a habit you couldn’t break. Then you are definitely a CERTIFIED Shopaholic.

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