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4 Helpful Ways To Save Money On Food

Food is probably the most important thing a person must have every single day. It is what we need to survive along with water. But then a lot of people may not realize that they spend way too much money on food even if they don’t really need it that much.
People tend to use the excuse or food being a basic necessity but then it is no longer a necessity when you spend $500 on a burger. You can save money on food without starving yourself or only be eating when you’re hungry but how exactly do you think you can save money when it comes to food? Here are a few tips that could help you out.

#1 Home Cooked Meals

This is a great way to save a bit of money when it comes to food. The best way, though, is to make some of your ingredients from scratch instead of getting the remade ones that they normally sell in the groceries. You can simply buy the ingredients and make it yourself. You will However, there are some ingredients that are too inconvenient and expensive to make on your own so make sure to do this wisely.

It is also healthier to cook at home than to eat out since you will be the one preparing your food. The prices on restaurants are way too expensive and most of the time, you don’t really know what type of ingredients each dish has. And if you eat out at some fast food, it may be cheap but it is definitely not advisable since it is not healthy at all.

#2 Make A List For Grocery Shopping

IMG_5498An oldie but definitely a goody. It is always great to list down whatever you need when going to a grocery store. It helps you out not to get the things that you don’t really need and also the things that you have to buy so that you wouldn’t forget. You can either write it on a piece of paper like the old way or just simply type it on your phone. There is a huge chance that you overspend if you don’t have a list especially if you go shopping when you’re hungry. And that is another thing you should avoid.
Never go food shopping while you’re hungry since you might end up buying more than you need. You will be thinking of food non-stop so you’ll end up getting everything you want but don’t necessarily need and you will spend more money instead of saving. Another great tip when shopping is to shop in bulk, especially the non-perishable items or the items that will take a long time to perish. It is actually way cheaper. Some wholesale stores require a membership fee but they’re normally not that expensive and it will be worth it anyways. This is also an idea if you have a big family but if you don’t, and you are shopping for less than five people then this is really not for you.

#3 Make A Weekly Menu

IMG_5500Another helpful tip is that you can make a weekly menu so you wouldn’t have to worry about what you’re gonna have for dinner every day. It will also save you money from going to the grocery store more than once or twice a week since if you have everything on your list for your weekly menu, you could simply get it all in one day. Money for petrol and effort is saved.

There are also such thing as coupons, which can also save you a lot of money but make sure you will use the products and not just buying it because it is cheap.

#4 Eat When You’re Hungry NOT When You’re Bored

There are two benefits of eating only when you’re hungry and not when you’re bored. First is that you will save a lot of money if you don’t eat that much. You can eat the other foods on the following day instead of eating it all in one day. Secondly, it will help you maintain or lose weight. If you keep on eating when you’re bored, you will definitely gain weight. So why not just eat when you’re hungry and maintain your weight at the same time save money from getting too much food.

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