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Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

IMG_5385Every 14th of February, there is a holiday dedicated to love and couples all over the world is celebrating it. This is the time where people exchange cards, gifts and flowers, then go on a romantic date. But what if you don’t really have enough money to go out with your partner or give him or her the gift they wanted? No worries, because here are some amazing ideas to spend your Valentine’s Day without actually getting bankrupt.

#1 Stay In

It is guaranteed that almost every restaurant will be full and it will be too crowded everywhere you go so why not just stay indoors. There are literally countless things to do to spend your Valentine’s Day in your place. You can make your partner dinner or you could cook together, that way you are already spending time with each other. You can also watch movies instead of going out to the cinemas or if you both like playing video games then you can absolutely do that. You can also give your partner a relaxing massage. Each other’s company is what matters and if you two are having fun then it’s always better than eating out in a fancy restaurant.

#2 Personalized Gifts

IMG_5387One of the best way to actually not spend that much money is to make a personalized gift for your partner. Gifts are just there to show your partner how much you love and care for her, but it is just an addition to your feelings. It doesn’t really define it, but it just serves as a physical memory of your affection.

If you’re partner is into material stuff and does not really care what every gift means then you might want to change the way he or she look at things or look for another partner since that is not healthy in a relationship.

One of the few things you can make your partner is a collection of photos of the two of you. Let your creativity get the best of you. Your efforts alone should be appreciated once you handed this over to him or her. You can also cook for him or her or maybe do whatever he or she wants for the entire day. You can even write a poem or a song, there is just an endless list of what you can do. You don’t really need to spend a huge amount of money when it comes to gifts. It is always the thought that counts.


#3 Go For A Road Trip

Young couple driving convertible at sunsetYou might be thinking that going for a road trip is not really cheap, well it is actually depends on a person. If you plan this early, then it wouldn’t really be difficult, especially if you and your partner actually save up for it. You don’t have to spend so much money on it because it will always be about you two and how you decide on things. If you want to spend a lot of money then go ahead and if you don’t ,then that’s totally fine because this is an adventure that you two will share and will never forget. This is about making memories and celebrating your relationship.


Valentine’s Day is dedicated for the people who is in love. Not just with one person, but it can also be with a family, a pet, a friend, anyone. But that doesn’t mean that you can only show them how much you love them once a year. You can make Valentine’s Day every single day. This is just an annual celebration and there is nothing wrong with it. Also, it does not matter if you receive a gift that is expensive or cheap, always remember that it is always the thought that counts. If a child gives you a drawing saying he or she loves you, wouldn’t you feel special? Roses, Chocolates, Jewelries and other fancy and wonderful gifts will, always be there, but the person you love will only be there if you actually appreciate every single time they spend with you, appreciate every single effort they do for you. It is now very rare for people to find someone who doesn’t care about material things.

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