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Why Should You Start Saving NOW?

Not everyone can prioritize saving even a small amount from their income every month. There are bills to pay, basic needs to be met, and desires to be satiated. It may sound impossible to some, but did you know that even putting away $5 or $10 dollars in your piggy bank after every month could be a big help? Whether you use it for a minor hiccup or an emergency situation, it’s always better to have something than nothing at all. So now that you are already getting an idea as to why you should be saving, we’re here to give you some more good reasons, so that you feel motivated to save better and save more.

To Have More Control Over The Future

When you have some amount of money saved, you have more control over your future. Let’s face it, jobs are unstable. Imagine a period of recession when thousands got laid off. If a similar situation arises, and if you already have some money stashed away, then you can easily survive for at least one to two months before you can find yourself another job. Not just your job, any kind of emergency that involves money can be dealt with in a better way if we have some extra money. A medical emergency where you might need to pay more even after the insurance coverage, a down payment for your new house, or needing extra cash for your food budget – we do need money for all this. It is true that money can’t solve every problem or buy everything, but it can certainly come in handy in certain situations.

To Have Mental Peace

If money is an issue all the time, we find ourselves losing sleep, worrying over how we can afford to buy certain things that we need. Sometimes, we might worry over how to afford for the education of our kids, their extra-curricular activities, or even their college fees. Having some extra money will obviously give us some much-needed peace of mind. It will help us fall asleep better at night. As you start saving money, your financial worries will start diminishing. Who doesn’t want a life with a little less stress? If a bit of saving can give you a breathe of relief, shouldn’t you start saving right away?

To Earn a Bit More

All your life you keep working for money. But once you start saving, money starts working for you after a while. Your online savings account itself will have some interest and will start generating more money. However, there are tons of other ways to grow your money with a little bit of saving. Mutual funds and stock trading can give you huge returns. However, those should be termed as investments rather than savings. But the bottom line is that even for investing money, you would need to have some amount of saving first. The interest from the savings account might not even be enough to even pay for your tax. But it is still better than nothing. Also, it would help you avoid getting into a credit card loan which might drain your pocket with their 10% or more interest rate.

To Have Enough For A Retirement Fund

Saving for retirement is absolutely important. Even if your employer offers a retirement plan, there is no harm in trying to save on your own. Once you match your employee’s amount, you can take it further and contribute to about 10-15% of your gross salary.

Saving money might seem like a difficult job in the beginning. But once you start making it a habit, it will become easier, and you will be finding out ways to save every penny that you can. Getting a piggy bank to hold your changes, carrying your own lunchbox to work, have a “buy nothing” week – find out creative ways to save and keep doing it. You will definitely get results. Compare prices of big appliances before buying, use coupons or shop during discounts – these are other ways of saving. But of course, remember to treat yourself once in a while. For example, save for an overseas vacation, and once you have saved enough, go for it. This kind of incentive will definitely help you save better. Just keep trying!


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